Thursday, September 28, 2017

Russian Su-57's Secrets Within 90 Seconds

The Su-57 (also known as T-50 or by its program name PAK-FA — Perspective Aviation Complex of Frontline Aviation) is designed by the Russian Sukhoi aircraft manufacturer as part of a fifth-generation fighter program of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The newest single-seat, twin-engine multi-role stealth fighter jet, designed for air superiority and attack roles and equipped with advanced avionics system and airborne active phased array radar, will be able to "see" air, land and surface targets well beyond other machines and to destroy the enemy in the rear hemisphere.

The plane's composite materials make only 25% of the empty aircraft weight. The catapult chair of the Su-57 will be able to save the pilot at any altitude, even from the ground.
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