Thursday, September 21, 2017

US submarine returns to port flying pirate flag

A US nuclear submarine returned to port in Washington State on Tuesday flying a pirate flag - which sparked speculation it had sunk another ship in combat.

However, US Naval Commander Corey Barker told Daily Mail Online the flag was flown for morale, and has no further significance.

In addition, the Carter has the ability to destroy unmanned submersibles and likely splice undersea cables. It also uses specifically outfitted thrusters to hover off of the ocean floor.

The flag bares some significance according to Ian Keddie, a Scottish journalist who posted one of the photos on Twitter.

It is particularly significant because of the submarine's capabilities.

He said the tradition of flying it started in 1914 when a British submarine tank HMS E-9 sank the German battle cruiser Hela during World War I.

When the tank returned to port, the Lieutenant Commander raised the iconic black flag with a skull and crossbones to signify that the crew had sunk an enemy warship.
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