Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Russian stealth fighter jet revealed

RUSSIA’S very first stealth fighter jet appeared above a sea of Russian tanks and weaponry just outside the capital Moscow — a clear signal to the world that the Russian Federation is committed to expanding its military might.

The Russian Federation invited 70 countries to take part in their two-week annual International Army Games. Twenty-eight countries — all non-NATO club with the exception of Greece — competed in a wide range of categories from best field kitchen to epic, gigantic tank battles.

Russia’s latest fighter appeared at the Games in an aerial performance designed to wow the crowds. This is Russia’s first “stealth” fighter.

The Russian media likes to call the new aircraft the “Ghost” presumably because it is intended to be so stealthy it cannot be seen or detected.

Many aviation experts have publicly expressed reservations about whether the “Ghost” is actually very stealthy or qualifies as fifth generation. Other problems frequently cited include external weapons and an inferior outdated engine.

In the past, the aircraft has been described at events like the Paris Air Show as 4++. Based on what has been shown internationally, many believe the “Ghost” is basically the Su-35 fighter in terms of capabilities with the upgrades of some degree of stealth capabilities and AESA (active electronically scanned array) radars.

Russian media has widely lauded the Su-57 and asserted that it possesses capabilities such as the ability to be piloted remotely — as in it can be operated like a drone, not just flown by humans in the actual cockpit in the aircraft.

There have also been suggestions in Russian press that it has a maximum cruising speed of more than 2400 km/ph and that it is highly manoeuverable.
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