Monday, October 2, 2017

The British Army is Trying to Give Its Tanks 'Shields'

Britain has announced that it will be developing active protection systems to defend its armored vehicles from antitank rockets.

Russia and Israel already use active protection systems, or APS, to defend their armor, and the United States is now evaluating them. Britain, whose armor force has been somewhat neglected in recent years, is now joining the party.

“APS can detect and defeat threat missiles within 100 milliseconds, which is less time than half the time it takes a human to react to a visual cue,” proclaims a DSTL news release.

But exactly how Britain intends to do this isn’t clear. Some APS, notably Israel’s Trophy, are based around kinetic (“hard kill”) countermeasures. Trophy, which is being evaluated by the U.S. Army, uses radar to detect incoming antitank rockets and then fires a barrage of shotgun-like pellets to deflect it.

Other active protection systems, such as Russia’s Shtora, rely on electronic (“soft kill”) defenses. These include electronic jammers and infrared “dazzlers” to disrupt command links of guided antitank missiles, and special smoke generators to mask an armored vehicle’s heat signature.
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